Senapati, A Legacy Of Blood is in its final stages of post production. It is the first ACT of the 'Three-Act drama' that tells the story of the life and legacy of the Senapati family that crossed the borders of East Pakistan (now Bangladesh), during the 1971 war and how it started small from the by lanes of Chitpore in Kolkata and charted a dark course to the thresholds of the South East Asia underworld. 

The first ACT captures the death of Debby Senapati and tracks Rupen Senapati's pursuit to find the ones responsible.  The second ACT reflects the rising of Deben Senapati as the undisputed Don from Kolkata while the final ACT is about the fall of Rupen Senapati and the rising of Brijen Senapati, the youngest sibling of Deben.

Shot in India, Hong Kong, Thailand and Bangladesh, Senapati is a first of its kind underworld family epic from Eastern India featuring some of the finest of actors from India and Bangladesh.

         Missing is a romantic edge-of-the-seat thriller which launches the super star Shiney Ahuja against the queen of Tollywood Rituparna Sengupta as they set pace to take you on a journey to the world of lies, deceit and betrayal.

           BlackGold is a film based on true incidents from one of the unknown hamlets in India where the predator is made to hunt to fetch the bounty as life and honour is sacrificed to serve and save one's kins and families.